For Health Care Providers


Deliver value.

The health care landscape is transforming rapidly, and care delivery organizations must adapt and innovate to understand options, plan around obstacles, and seek new solutions that create value for patients and providers. Quality in health care means better health outcomes. Improving outcomes requires new models of care structured around the needs of identified groups of patients.

Care organizations around the globe are changing. Stand in the shoes of leaders confronting similar change. By studying those leaders, organizations can accelerate their success. Through a combination of case studies, new problem-solving frameworks, team innovation projects and in-depth, facilitated discussion, the Redefining Health Care Workshops examine the challenges and successes of other care delivery organizations, yet are fully customized to the unique needs of the sponsoring organization. The interactive learning experience will enable leaders to:

  • Understand health needs from the patient perspective
  • Design integrated, full-cycle care delivery models
  • Effectively treat patients with lifestyle-related chronic conditions
  • Build multi-dimensional care teams that cost-effectively leverage physicians and nurses
  • Improve outcome measurement to demonstrate value
  • Establish new partnerships
  • Strategically deploy health IT

Leaders will emerge fully equipped to lead their organization’s journey into value-based health models of care, bolstered by the realization that others have accomplished transformations like the one they envision.

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