For Health Plans

Elizabeth Teisberg

Ensure health.

Health reform has fundamentally changed the paradigm of health plans. Health plans no longer insure illness care; rather, they must increasingly ensure the health of their members. Enabling health, not artful underwriting, is the path to future profitability. This C-level mission change requires leaders to think differently about health and health care. It requires a redefinition.

Health plans of today and tomorrow must support physicians and patients alike throughout the cycle of care, providing organized information to providers and subscribers about treatments, outcomes and preventative services. Plans must be able to target and deliver effective support for lifestyle change, and must be able to help subscribers stem the progression of chronic diseases. This is value better health outcomes for the money.

The Redefining Health Care Workshops help health plans understand and address the challenges of providing value and improving health. The customized, interactive experience enables leaders to:

  • Improve outcome measurement
  • Better partner with health care providers
  • Create lifestyle modification programs that work
  • Slow, or even stop, the progression of lifestyle-related chronic conditions
  • Redesign benefit plans
  • Create health strategies for customers and customers’ employees

From working with employers, new solution vendors and care delivery organizations, to operating health care delivery resources, health plans need leaders capable of innovating to improve health value. Get the skills. Become that leader.

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