Who should attend?

The Workshops are effective for anyone involved in improving health outcomes – for patients, employees or plan members.  The Workshops teach participants the core frameworks of value-based health care delivery and how to implement those frameworks in a variety of settings – from care delivery to the workplace to a health plan.

Can people from more than one organization attend?

Because solving health care’s challenges will require active participation of providers, payers, employers and government officials, we strongly encourage attendance by as diverse a group as possible.  Many Workshop sponsors secure financial support from hospitals, health plans and large employers in their community, and invite each to send participants to the Workshop.

Is CME credit available?

The curriculum materials for the Workshops are the same material used in graduate business schools and medical schools around the world.  The Workshop faculty, Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace, are professors at Dartmouth Medical School and both teach internationally.  Continuing education credits, for medicine and for insurance, are typically granted by state associations.  Prior Workshops have qualified for continuing education credits, and we will work with you to secure credit from the appropriate granting authority.

How many people may attend a Workshop?

The Workshops are suitable for groups as small as five people and as large as 100 people.  The limiting factor is typically seating:  because Workshops are highly interactive, the room must comfortably accommodate all participants and allow them to see the faculty and actively participate in the discussions.

What preparation is required of participants?

Participants are asked to read each case study prior to the Workshop.  During the Workshop, participants will discuss each case, responding to questions posed by the Workshop faculty.  Most participants commit at least an hour to preparing each case, and many report that they spend at least two hours preparing each case.  The total preparation time depends on the specific agenda of the Workshop.

How long is a Workshop?

Workshops are typically two days, although some sponsors have structured single-day programs.  In addition, some sponsors have created extended learning programs for their leaders, including quarterly two- or three-day sessions that continue over four or six quarters.

Is there a set agenda for a Workshop?

No.  The Workshop faculty works closely with the sponsor to create an agenda that addresses the learning objectives and expectations of the sponsor.   Workshops can include case discussions, faculty presentations, facilitated discussions and an array of team-based projects.  In addition, Workshop faculty will include presentations from the sponsoring organization in the Workshop agenda, allowing strategy planning and other kinds of development activities to build and interact with the Workshop.

What do participants receive before a Workshop?

Sponsors send Workshop participants a packet containing the cases and other assigned readings, together with an agenda and instructions on how to prepare for the Workshop.  Cases are available in hard copy or in electronic format.  Slides from each lecture are made available to the sponsor at the conclusion of each Workshop.

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