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Improve health.

Having healthy employees is a strategic imperative of every employer. Because employees’ health affects productivity, creativity and commitment to work, every employer has a role in its employees’ health. And it’s even more relevant to employers that rely on health insurance exchanges.

Improving employees’ health requires more than wellness plans and gym memberships; it requires a comprehensive, strategic approach that identifies employees’ unaddressed health needs and removes the barriers to better health. The Redefining Health Care Workshops help employers create a unique health strategy, defining and addressing the health, care and benefits of employees. Through this completely customized, highly interactive experience, the workshops will enable employers to:

  • Understand the drivers of poor health among employees
  • Rethink health at work
  • Redefine benefit plans
  • Design on-site clinics and innovative partnerships to address employees’ care delivery needs

Healthier employees contribute to a healthier bottom line.

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