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About Us

Change makers.

Professor Teisberg and Michael E. Porter Harvard Business School professor and foremost authority on competitive strategy introduced the idea of value-based health care in their seminal book, “Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results.” The fundamental concept, that value in health care is the improvement in health outcomes for the money spent, galvanized thinking among innovation-driven care delivery organizations in the U.S. and around the world. In 2008, the professors launched the first Value-Based Health Care Delivery Intensive Seminar to help clinicians and executives to implement value-based strategy.

Scott Wallace joined forces with Professor Teisberg in 2009. Through workshops, lectures and advisory projects, they have empowered hundreds of leaders across the continuum to redefine health care.

Meet the Professors

Elizabeth Teisberg, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Teisberg, Ph.D., is Full Professor at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin, executive director of the Value Institute for Health and Care, and Senior Institute Associate at Harvard’s Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. With deep background in strategy and innovation, her work centers on high-value care delivery and implementation of value-based strategy in health care by providers, employers, health plans, pharmaceutical and device companies, patient advocacy organizations, and policy makers.

Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace plays an influential part in the transformation of America’s health delivery system. Leveraging his business and health policy background, he works in the U.S. and around the world with employers, health care providers, health plans, governments and others to conveniently and effectively treat chronic medical conditions, create employee health strategies, and develop new health benefit and care delivery models to improve health.

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