When it comes to health care, everyone has a story. Some are of profoundly compassionate caregivers and life savers; others are of the veritable miracles of modern medicine. But far too often, the stories are of frustration, disappointment and unfulfilled promises when health care falls short of what it could deliver. Because the stakes the quality of life and dignity of death are so high, health care not only should be better, it needs to be. Leaders of health care must redefine the system to put value where it belongs: at the heart of care.

The issues and solutions affect and involve health care delivery organizations, health plans and employers. Restructuring health care around creating value for patients will not only increase satisfaction, but will improve health outcomes while also enabling new efficiencies and lowering costs. These are the changes needed to deliver true value. Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg and Scott Wallace, professors at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School and authorities on innovation and value creation in health care, are leading the charge.

The expert duo puts theory into practice by placing leaders into the shoes of others who have successfully confronted similar challenges. Their diverse and robust service offerings highly customized, highly interactive workshops; keynotes, panel sessions and in-company presentations; and strategic and objective advisory counsel are specially designed for each organization’s unique dynamics and needs. These are not canned lectures, but instead distinct learning experiences that spur the meaningful discussion needed to develop new capabilities and build new frameworks for improving health outcomes.

Learn more about how health care leaders and their organizations can collaborate with Professors Teisberg and Wallace, and help ensure the stories are ones everyone is proud to share. Let’s Redefine Health Care.

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